Video 15 Mar 121 notes

How Portal Should Have Ended

Video 15 Mar 264 notes

Episode One of Aperture R&D is live on YouTube!

Video 1 Mar 159 notes

New live-action Portal mini series coming March 15th! 

Video 23 Jan 49 notes

Portal mirrors activated by the ASHPD

Wanna make your own? Here’s how he did it

Video 22 Jan 576 notes

The Turret Anthem 

Text 5 Jan 16 notes Alex Zemke’s animated short film “Companionship” finally has some production videos!

And from what I’ve seen, this film looks like its going to be awesome! 

Video 7 Dec 57 notes

I can’t even describe how much I love this

Video 12 Oct 35 notes

Watch as this hacked Portal gun replica actually LEVITATES a Companion Cube! 

Video 11 Oct 47 notes

Stop what you’re doing and watch the fuck out of this video: When Gordon Met Chell

Video 15 Aug 1,353 notes

Ever wonder what happened to Space Core, Fact Sphere, and Rick before they were corrupt? Well here’s a taste…

Video 7 Aug 36 notes

All of Valve’s most famous characters battle it out in this Source Filmmaker short vid!

Who will be the victor? The answer may surprise you

Video 7 Aug 365 notes

So remember that short clip of Chell’s experiences after Portal 2 that was released last week?

Well, the finished version — 4 minutes of pure AWESOME — is already out! And boy it is GOOD.

Video 3 Aug 7 notes

Here’s a behind-the-scenes video of Harry101UK’s “Meet the Cores” :)

Video 3 Aug 85 notes

Here’s a short video someone made with Source Filmmaker about Chell’s life after Portal 2! It’s only a work-in-progress, so there should be more at some point

I love how she flinches from the thunder and then tastes the rain water, it shows off how little she knows/remembers of the outside world.



Video 26 Jul 93 notes

GLaDOS Ellen McLain personally invites you to the PAX Prime Pink Party…

there might even be cake.

Somebody auto-tune the shit out of this!

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