Video 22 Jan 576 notes

The Turret Anthem 

Video 7 Dec 57 notes

I can’t even describe how much I love this

Video 12 Oct 35 notes

Watch as this hacked Portal gun replica actually LEVITATES a Companion Cube! 

Video 11 Oct 47 notes

Stop what you’re doing and watch the fuck out of this video: When Gordon Met Chell

Video 7 Aug 36 notes

All of Valve’s most famous characters battle it out in this Source Filmmaker short vid!

Who will be the victor? The answer may surprise you

Video 7 Aug 366 notes

So remember that short clip of Chell’s experiences after Portal 2 that was released last week?

Well, the finished version — 4 minutes of pure AWESOME — is already out! And boy it is GOOD.

Video 3 Aug 7 notes

Here’s a behind-the-scenes video of Harry101UK’s “Meet the Cores” :)

Video 3 Aug 85 notes

Here’s a short video someone made with Source Filmmaker about Chell’s life after Portal 2! It’s only a work-in-progress, so there should be more at some point

I love how she flinches from the thunder and then tastes the rain water, it shows off how little she knows/remembers of the outside world.



Video 24 Jul 13 notes

Just finished watching Harry101UK’s walkthrough of the original Portal, and these videos aren’t just walkthroughs, they’re freaking hilarious! I love this guy

Video 30 Jun 20 notes

15 awesome Portal glitches I’ve never seen! Anyone else seen these?

Video 12 Jun 199 notes

Literally the BEST fan-made Portal gun video I’ve EVER seen, not even kidding. It’s called “Portal: Terminal Velocity” and it is officially my new favorite video

Excuse me as I go watch this 27485 more times


Video 12 May 46 notes

Learn how to make a Portal cake, the Aperture Science way! 


Video 27 Apr 83 notes

Whoever animated this needs to go work for Valve, like, NOW


Video 27 Apr 12 notes

This Portal crossover video features Super Mario Bros., Angry Birds, Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Skyrim, Kirby, and a bunch of other video games I missed. ISN’T THAT AWESOME!?

The first few seconds are a bit squeaky and pitchy, but then it turns into AMAZINGNESS. 


Video 26 Mar 21 notes

Hands-On Demo Review of NECA’s Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device!


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